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Thanks for stopping by! I'm an Amherst, Massachusetts based photographer/birder. I've photographed well over 200 species of birds in Western Mass and contiguous states. In taking my prints out on the road to festivals and Art Fairs, It's been great meeting so many bird and nature lovers around New England! Please have a browse through my images. Orders can be made here online or, if you're local and want to save the shipping and handling, just pick out your items and give me a call at 413-218-8888 to make arrangements. Or, have a look at the calendar page to see when I might be in your neighborhood. You can also find my work on display at Atkins Farms in Amherst, Backyard Birds in Northampton, or The Audubon Arcadia Wildlife Refuge in Easthampton. If you don't see the sizes or mediums you like, just ask to find out if they are available. For further info about my 35mm slide scanning or photo restoration services, just give a call. best, Joe